Information Security Risks Could Threaten Your Business

Risk Types to Avoid

There are three categories of risks types that commonly referred as “CIA” in which sensitive and valuable information are subject to. First, confidentiality is a risk where one or more persons gain unauthorised access to information. Second, integrity is a risk when the content of the information is changed so that it is no longer accuAlerrate or complete. Third, availability is where access to the information is lost or hampered.

Risk Terms to Learn

Get into the information security risk, incidents are unwanted events resulting a loss of confidentiality such as data breaches, integrity e.g. corruption of data, or availability like system failure. Then, threats are what cause incidents to occur and it may be malicious. Lastly, vulnerabilities such as open office windows, source code errors, etc. increase the likelihood that the existence of a threat can lead to an unwanted and costly incident.

A Cycle to Govern All ISMS Processes

Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle consists of four basic steps: First, Plan aims to establish objectives, resources required, customer and stakeholder requirements, organizational policies and identify risks and opportunities. Then, Do is when the company implements what was planned. After that, Check intended to monitor and measure processes to establish performance against policies, objectives, requirements and planned activities as well as report the results. Lastly, Act is an action taken to improve performance (if necessary).



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