Implement COBIT 2019 for Outstanding IT Governance

COBIT is a commonly used comprehensive framework that integrates IT governance into enterprise governance and integrates other frameworks such as Val IT and Risk IT. The main purpose of COBIT is to balance the benefits and risks of IT while putting the significances of all stakeholders into consideration. The latest version of COBIT framework is COBIT 2019. It is intended to provide greater adaptability for organizations while customizing an IT governance procedure.

Main Updates of COBIT 2019

Furthermore, the next update is called prescriptive application. It means that the application of tailored COBIT governance components is perceived as a prescription for a tailored IT governance system. Last, IT performance management. The structure of the COBIT performance management model serves as a better instrument for IT performance management that will be integrated into the conceptual model.

Key Benefits of COBIT 2019

Another benefit of COBIT 2019 is having an open-source model that keeps updating in order to adapt the framework to the market changes. The feedback is obtained from global governance committees and all necessary improvements are made with all future updates of COBIT 2019. Lastly, COBIT 2019 provides assistance to improve IT and business governance with the help of certifications. The certification could improve the overall implementation of COBIT in the organizations and it holds a lot of value for working professionals as well as organizations.


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