Build Up Cybersecurity Governance for Your Organization Success

As threats to cyber security become increasingly sophisticated and unpredictable, organizations shall address risks that might arise. However, many organizations are struggled to maintain their cybersecurity governance. In many cases, internal and external governance mechanisms that directly impact cybersecurity are either neglected or managed ineffectively which has resulted a significant increase in financial and operational risk for business enterprises.

Key Steps to Grow and Sharpen Cybersecurity Governance

There are six steps that could help organization grow and sharpen their cybersecurity governance. First, establish the current state by completing a cyber-risk assessment and maturity assessment. Then, create, review, or update all cybersecurity policies, standards, and processes. After that, approach cybersecurity from an enterprise lens; understand data that needs to be protected and how cyber risks aligned with enterprise risk management.

Furthermore, to strengthen cybersecurity governance, organization should also increase cybersecurity awareness and conduct cybersecurity training for employees, as well as perform cyber risk analysis by creating risk model, and consider all risks to organizations’ external, internal, and third party. Lastly, strong cybersecurity governance could be built by establishing regular assessments intervals, measuring what matters, analyzing data, creating an improvement plan, and reporting to the board on cyber maturity and cyber-risk posture throughout the organization.

Important Drivers in Cybersecurity Governance


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