5 Ways to Motivate Employee through Communication

Communicating openly with your employees is a reliable way to motivate them and improve office morale. If you think that you already communicate adequately with your employees, think again — your definitions of effective communication may differ from those of your employees. When the lines of communication are open and your employees feel comfortable with your relationship, their motivation improves. Further, read several ways to motivate employee through communication as follows:

Schedule communication-oriented meetings

A once-a-week meeting aims for opening lines of communication can make your employees feel that you care about their opinions and take their input seriously. In these meetings, open the floor to questions, concerns and opinions.

Ask your employees questions

Do not count on them to come to you if they have concerns or need explanations. Otherwise, ask your employees if you can help them with anything. After that, check their understanding after conveying messages or instructions.

Show interest in concerns

When employees express their unhappiness, ask what you can do to help them address the issue, or ask for more information about why they are concerned. Your commitment to solve your employees problems could make them feel taken care of.

Offer solutions

Offer solutions to the issues that frustrate your employees. Empathizing with your employees as well as offering a timeline to help them solve their frustrations or concerns can keep your positive relationship with them.

Keep communications positive

Instead of threatening or scolding employees for their poor performance, you can offer them rewards and opportunities for improvement. When employees feel attacked, their motivation will suffer. However, when rewards are offered, they may feel excited.


To summarize, understanding ways to motivate employee through communication could help you understand how motivation will affect employees’ work efficiency and productivity, in which can lead to organization’s growth and advancement in the future.

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