5 Key Stages of Visual Management

2 min readAug 18, 2021

Visual Management is the use of techniques that will enable a person to immediately recognize normal and abnormal states in a process. This technique helps an organization examine the workplace and identify irregularities for easy elimination of waste and improving safety. Further, these are several key stages of visual management which usually called 5S, namely:


Sort through materials, keeping only the essential items needed to complete tasks. This action involves going through all the contents of a workspace to determine which are needed and which can be removed. Everything that is not used to complete a work process should leave the work area.

Set in Order

Ensure all items are organized and each item has a designated place. Organize all items left in the workplace in a logical way thus make tasks easier for employees to complete, which involves placing items in ergonomic locations where employees will not need to make extra movements to reach them.


Proactive efforts to keep workplace areas clean and orderly to ensure purpose-driven work. This means cleaning and maintaining the newly organized workspace. It can involve routine tasks such as mopping, dusting, etc. or performing maintenance on machinery, tools, and other equipment.


Create a set of standards for both organization and processes. In essence, this is where you take the first three S’s and make rules for how and when these tasks will be performed. These standards can involve schedules, charts, lists, etc.


Sustain new practices and conduct audits to maintain discipline. This stage train and develop employees and management to participate in and be committed to sustain and monitor visual management.


To sum up, by knowing and understanding the stages of visual management above, it will be useful to maximize the work efficiency and productivity, in which could lead to the organizational development and advancement.

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